What is Brigada?

brigada: spanish word for brigade. (from French, from Italian brigata, from brigare).

n. a group of individuals organized for a purpose.


Ana Moliz

Ana Moliz is a graphic designer specialised in Editorial design and Typography. She has also studied History, Interior design, Information Architecture, 3D and Audiovisual Production. She is constantly in search of the balance, beauty, and harmony that is found when things are exactly where they should be. She loves traditional printing, books about Sherlock Holmes, horror films and American country and folk music. She is one of those people who actually looks good when wearing a hat.


Vicente Ortiz

Vicente Ortiz is a poet, naming specialist, copywriter, and most likely one of the world’s worst dancers. He could read and write with ease since he was a little child, so now he can not stop playing with words. He worked as a press contributor. He has also participated in innumerable poetry readings, and held positions as cultural affairs agent and event planner. He is a member of “Sueltos”, an experimental theater group, with which he has composed and released four shows.


Stephen Kelman

Stephen Kelman, our partner in Scotland, is a graphic and editorial designer with more than 10 years of professional experience with agencies and clients from Europe to the United States.


Carlos R. Santaella

Carlos R. Santaella is a graphic designer, specialised in motion graphics and illustration; he also studied photography and web design. Deeply passionate about anything having to do with the word “design”, he loves challenges and tragic stories. Always up for learning new things and also for a good laugh, he would have loved to be a tattooist, although at the bottom of his heart he is a boxer. Johnny Cash is God and his words are the law.